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What type of basketball goal backboard should you buy?

The basketball backboard may very well be the most important part of the basketball hoop system. Yes, the goal is where the Actual scoring takes place, but the basketball backboard assists in scoring, provides the rebounding surface for the basketball and anchors the basketball hoop, so it is easy to see why time should be spent choosing the right basketball backboard.

As with every other part of a basketball hoop system, there are many things to consider when making the decision about what type of basketball backboard you should choose. The primary consideration should be the material that the basketball backboard is made of. Basketball backboards are made of a variety of materials, including tempered glass, acrylic, molded plastic, fiberglass, aluminum or steel. Remember that no matter what the basketball backboard is made of, the thicker and more rigid the backboard is, the better and truer the rebound will be. This may not matter to a younger player or more casual player, but to better hone a young player’s skills or for a more competitive player, this may make a difference.

The ultimate basketball backboard will be tempered glass. NBA regulation backboards are tempered glass backboards. Tempered glass is usually the material of choice for competitive leagues as well as competitive players. Tempered glass backboards should not scratch or dent, preventing players from getting a true rebound off of the glass basketball backboard due to a dent or divot, an unless you are inviting Shaquille O’Neal over for a pick up game, tempered glass basketball goals should not shatter. A tempered glass basketball backboard also has less vibration than basketball backboards made of other materials, ensuring the best ball interaction and an instant true rebound. Since the glass basketball backboard anchors the basketball goal, so obviously it is very important to have a very sturdy basketball backboard made to exact specifications if it will be used to train or play competitively.

A glass basketball backboard is considered to be the best, but they are also the most expensive, so it is good to know what the alternatives are. Most competitive players consider an acrylic basketball backboard to be a good alternative to a glass basketball backboard. An acrylic basketball backboard can look and feel just like a glass basketball backboard, and will play similarly to a glass backboard, however the vibration, rebounding and ball return will be different. An acrylic basketball backboard will also be more prone to dents and scratches which can also affect rebounding . In general however, a casual player may not even notice these differences. Another drawback to an acrylic basketball backboard is that because it is more prone to scratches and dents and also can mildew, it may not look as good as a glass basketball backboard will in years to come.

Other materials that are frequently used for basketball backboards are molded plastics, fiberglass, graphite, steel and aluminum. While these materials do offer a more economical choice, there will be great differences in the ball interaction as compared to a tempered glass basketball goal backboard or an acrylic basketball goal backboard. They can , however, be very durable.

The bottom line, if the players using your basketball hoop system are more competitive or are using the basketball hoop system to train competitively and expect it to play like a regulation basketball backboard, tempered glass is the only choice. Like your car windshield which is also made of tempered glass it will resist denting, scratching and mildew, so will look good and play true for many years to come.